• top locking pliers

    Best Locking Pliers for The Money 2017

    Locking pliers are a type of pliers that work as a handheld vice but can be locked in place. Most locking pliers contain an adjustable screw that further tightens the vice-like hold on the surface you’ve locked the pliers onto, which amplifies the pressure exponentially. Aside from being used...
  • Top linesman pliers

    Best Linesman Pliers for The Money 2017

    Linesman pliers are a type of highly versatile combination plier that have serrated grooves in the jaw for gripping with cutting edges at the top of the jaw (or nose), just below the pivoting joint. While most models aren’t rated to be shock-resistant, some models have hand grips that...
  • Top needle nose pliers

    The Best Needle Nose Pliers 2017

    Needle nose pliers are a type of plier with a with a long, narrow nose (hence the name) that are used to work with wires and other small parts that require precision. Most needle nose pliers also feature a cutting edge closer to the pivot, so you can use...
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