A Short List of The Best Bench Grinder 2017

Looking to expand your DIY capabilities with a bench grinder? If you’re looking for a great deal on the best bench grinder, there are tons of great models to...
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Looking to expand your DIY capabilities with a bench grinder? If you’re looking for a great deal on the best bench grinder, there are tons of great models to choose from. So how do you choose the best? Here’s a list of some of our favorite cheap bench grinders; I know you’ll love them too!

Best Bench Grinder 2017

DEWALT DW756 6-Inch Bench Grinder

The Dewalt DW756 is a heavy duty bench grinder from a name you trust. It’s an awesome, cheap bench grinder with some amazing stats. It is a 6-inch grinder powered by a ⅝ horsepower motor that runs at an impressive 3,450 RPM. This impressive piece of machinery is quiet, precise, and can be used to remove rust, burrs, and can even sharpen tools. It’s one of the best bench grinders I’ve ever used.

The Dewalt DW756 has some really precisely machined parts made from aluminum that make sure your grinding is as accurate as possible. Making these parts out of aluminum makes this model a little more lightweight (around 28 pounds) and more manageable. The Dewalt DW756 is 15 inches long, all told. This light, compact model is perfect for nearly any at home use.

On of my favorite features of the Dewalt DW756 is the warranty. Like most Dewalt machines, this one comes with a three-year faulty production or materials warranty. It also comes with a one-year warranty that replaces any worn out parts and comes with complete service for your bench grinder. It’s an excellent warranty for a one of the world’s best bench grinder that’s affordable for your home.


  • The Dewalt DW756 comes with both two 36-grit and two 60-grit wheels. This grinder also comes with eye shields and spark deflectors for safety as well as tool rests for your new toy. And don’t forget that awesome warranty it comes with, too!
  • The bench grinder has an industrial cast iron base for complete stability. The motor housing is also iron, making sure to keep you safe while you work or play.
  • One of the best bench grinders on the market
  • It runs very smoothly and quietly. There is very little wheel wobble, making it the ideal grinder for both sound levels and smooth, reliable grinding.


  • The tool rest on the Dewalt DW756 does not adjust very well. Its limited range of motion makes grinding weird angles evenly difficult, but not impossible.
  • The Dewalt DW756 does not appear to be tested much before shipping. Although they will replace any faulty product quickly, easily, and with friendly services, some bench grinder reviews on several sites for this product claim many of them to be flawed or dead on arrival. Wouldn’t it would better if the company just didn’t send those out in the first place?

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SKIL 3380-01 6-Inch Bench Grinder

Like the Dewalt above, the SKIL 3308-01 is also a 6-inch grinder. It is one of the very good bench grinder on the market, capable of 3,450 RPM. It is cSAus certified, which means it has passed rigorous certifications. Coming is at just over 20 pounds, the SKIL 3308-01 is very lightweight; it is one of the lightest I’ve ever seen.

The SKIL 3308-01 features a cool lighting system. The eye guards house the lights, which shine down on whatever it is you are grinding to give you the best possible view of your work.

It also comes with both medium and coarse wheels that will help to grind whatever you need to whatever level you need it. Tons of other wheels are available for this machine too, giving you the range you need for whatever projects you have ahead of you.


  • The SKIL 3308-01 has a 2.1 amp motor that is slowed by nothing. It seems like no matter what you grind with this machine, the wheels spin smoothly and without a hitch. The deceptively small motor is powerful and fast.
  • It is quiet, too. For a cheap bench grinder, the SKIL 3308-01 is a surprisingly powerful little machine without getting too much noise along with it.
  • This grinder is long-lasting. It seems to take a ton of abuse without showing a scratch. Well built!


  • The wheels are a little difficult to change out. While the SKIL 3308-01 is simple and strong, it might be a little too simple and a little too strong; pulling it apart to add a new wheel and putting it back together is a chore.
  • The SKIL 3308-01 is way too lightweight. Unless you plan to weigh it down with something or mount it, the unit will move around. I recommend mounting it somewhere, as it seems to remove most of the wiggle problems.

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Delta Power Tools 23-197 8-Inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder

The Delta 23-197 is the first 8-inch bench grinder on this list. However, it is also available in a 6-inch model, but we’ll just be focusing on the 8-inch today. It has a variable speed control for the wheel’s spinning speed. The 5 amp motor can spin the wheel anywhere from 2,000 to 3,400 rpm.

This well-engineered piece of equipment is a little bit pricier than the others on this list, but you get a lot for those extra bucks. The Delta 23-197 also incorporates a water tray, which helps to keep the surfaces you are grinding cool. It has extra wheels in different grits for whatever project you are working on. It features a lighting system for detailed grinding. These features help to make the Delta 23-197 one of the best bench grinder I’ve ever used.

One of my favorite features of the Delta 23-197, however, is the independent tool rests that allow you to work at different angles to compensate for uneven wheel wear.


  • The water tray is a great feature in the Delta 23-197. It really helps to keep the surfaces cool.
  • The Delta 23-197 weighs in at about 45 pounds, making it heavy and really stable. The grinder will hold no matter what you are grinding, and the heavy iron base will keep it from tipping, too.
  • The bearings on the Delta 23-197 are really incredibly. The amount of time the wheels take to slow, then stop after the machine has been shut down prove it.


  • It is really heavy! Both a plus and a minus. Depending on how you use your bench grinder, you may not want it to be quite so heavy.
  • The washers used to hold the wheels are not as stable as they should be. This causes a little bit a wobble when the Delta 23-197 is in use at times.

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Craftsman 9-21154 Variable Speed 6-Inch Grinding Center

The Craftsman 9-21154 is another 6-inch grinder for our list. It’s a 2.5 amp motor with a variable speed setting that ranges from 2,000 rpm to 3,400 rpm. It has adjustable tool rests and several safety features that come along with it.

The base of the Craftsman 9-21154 is oversized and made of incredibly heavy cast iron to reduce wobble and make it really stick to the surface of whatever you rest it on. At 33 pounds, the Craftsman 9-21154 is heavy without being so heavy it’s hard to move around. It includes a water tray for cooling and a handheld wheel dresser right in the box.


  • The Craftsman 9-21154 is heavy, sturdy, and durable. It won’t move, wobble, or break on you, no matter how tough the work gets.
  • It features a variable speed, which makes customizing your bench grinder for the job as easy as pie.
  • The Craftsman name and guarantees that you associate with the company come along with the product. And that means a lot!


  • Although claiming to have a quick release for the wheels, taking the wheels out and replacing them is just as labor intensive as it is in any other model. There’s no such thing as quick release when it comes to a bench grinder, I suppose.
  • The grinder is not great for really large tools. It’s a little difficult to get something like a really large wood cutting ax into the wheel, but it works like a charm for any small job.

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ATD Tools 10558 8″ 3/4 HP Bench Grinder

The ATD 10558 is another 8-inch grinder as opposed to the 6-inches on this list. It is the cheaper of the two 8-inches as well.

The ATD 10558 features a powerful, 4.8 amp motor that gets up to ¾ horsepower. It is a non-variable 3,450 rpms, which is incredibly quick. It features some pretty neat little details, like the water cooling tray and dust proof switch.

Something I noticed about this unit is that it features pre-cast hole for mounting to a stand or workbench, which is really convenient considering the unit is fairly lightweight for an 8-inch grinder.


  • The ATD 10558 operates smoothly, its wheels keeping in line and spinning quietly. Nothing slows this baby down!
  • This model features a ball bearing drive. This little difference makes the machine last longer and gives it a better performance.


  • This grinder is for hard metals only, as any soft materials will get caught in the wheels and damage or slow the ATD 10558. If you are looking for a grinder for something other than hard metals, you may have to look elsewhere.
  • Given the price of the unit, I would have like to see a variable speed setting for this unit. However, if only require one speed, this unit is awesome.
  • This unit doesn’t come with the odd sized light bulb it needs for the lighting system.

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Top Recommendation

The DEWALT DW756 6-Inch Bench Grinder! With its steady base, lightweight construction, and reliable warranty and name brand, the DEWALT DW756 is just the top bench grinder available anywhere for your home. It’s safe, reliable, strong, and makes even the most difficult tasks just a bit easier. I love its intuitive design, and I believe you will love it, too!

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